I showed up on your doorstep, now I’m yours

October 9, 2008 at 4:09 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Or, what brought me to the Stargate Church.

I am not really sure why I never tried this church first. It’s nestled between several neighborhoods, none of them particularly high-income. People live there from all races and countries. It’s a funky round building that I think is supposed to look like a crown, but truly resembles that big UFO at the end of Close Encounters. The inside looks like the Stargate control room. The other parishes I had visited were all very nice, though some were upscale enough to make me a little uncomfortable. But this one was just poor and mismatched enough to let me slip in unnoticed.

I had by this time been on the internet quite some time, investigating my options. And a lot of people writing on the subject from first hand experience were pretty bitter. I’m not bitter, I know where I screwed up. I want help correcting it but I don’t expect a magic wand. But. I’m not an easy case. Two annulments and a protestant marriage? Heavens to murgatoid. I suspected any priest with enough sense to get out of seminary would point me in the direction of the nearest Lutheran church and thank his lucky stars for my exit.

I was quite fortunate, then, to find a priest that didn’t have any good sense.

He was, however, perceptive enough to see that I was stressing over the whole thing. Information overload!

Fr. O’Connor asked me in his kindly brogue, what do you want? And how much of it do you want to worry about TODAY?

I said, I want to be Catholic. I want a church home. I want to know what to tell them if I’m rushed to the hospital and they ask what is my religion, because “Lapsed Methodist” doesn’t fit on the bracelet. I want to stop being the lone Protestant poser in the back pew.

He said first, turn off the computer. The internet is a great source of information but the wisdom of God does not reside in a box on your desk.

Second, Catholic is a process. You never stop becoming Catholic. It’s a lifelong journey.

Third, I’ll put you on the parish books today if you want. Tell them you’re Catholic at the hospital and give this church as your home church. They will call the church office. We will know what to do.

Four, sit closer.

It took me a moment to realize that he was saying, yes. You can do this. We will take on your sadly complicated case because Jesus would. And Jesus did. He did caution me that Communion would be put off indefinitely until things were “regularized,” but that in the meantime, make myself at home.

Haaaaaaaaaaahahahaha. Now you have to feed and walk me too.


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