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January 8, 2009 at 5:35 pm (Uncategorized)

I never update this thing. I never update anything. I am the queen of the unfinished project.

Annulment news: One of my witnesses dropped off the face of the earth. I have a replacement but sadly, the diocese dropped this on Fr. O’Connor at the beginning of Advent. I have spent enough years as a parish secretary to know that not much gets done during Advent or anywhere approaching Holy Week. I shouldn’t be impatient because there is no way to get it all done before the Easter Vigil this year anyway, so it will be next year regardless. But I *am* impatient because I don’t like standing still. And now Fr. O has the nerve to be out of town? How dare he?

Family news: Still in the Catho Closet. My friend Barbara says that I should save this one for when I really don’t want them to talk to me for a long time.

RCIA news: still rolling along. There was a reception in our normal classroom so we had to have our most recent class in the elementary school library. In those little chairs around those little tables.

Church news: Fr. Biven is now needing help with Mass. Decon Tew is reading the Gospel for him and Msgr. Jennings is helping with Communion. I’m a little sad but at the same time, I’m glad he has some help. It was getting painful to watch. I do love that man.

General news: Broke my ankle the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Spent 4 weeks in a cast and am now halfway through my boot incarceration. It still hurts.

From around the web: I continue to gain comfort and inspiration from Fr. Philip’s homilies, especially this one (as my battles with blogger links continue…)
Particularly as I deal with my messy family and my messy husband and any other messes that come along.

And of course, sad sad news of Fr. Neuhaus’ passing. Nothing to say that has not been said by more eloquent people than myself, but this man was instrumental in my decision to convert. I will miss him.


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